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    "Supporting Fertility, Menopause, Hormonal Imbalances,
                 Pre-Conception Care and Reproductive Health"

    Natural solutions that could help solve your Conception Difficulties and Hormonal Imbalances

    The Jacaranda Natural Health Centre is a Natural Therapies Clinic based in Coffs Harbour, owned and operated by Jayne Elder. The Clinic provides support for couples facing fertility issues, pre-conception care and help with hormone imbalances.

    Jacaranda's main aim is to improve the health and wellbeing of all clients so their goals may be achieved whether this means balanced hormones, improved energy and stress levels or achieving a healthy conception. 
    Pre-conception care is a priority of the clinic.

    Services (Health Fund rebates and EFTPOS available)

    The Jacaranda Natural Health Centre supports:

    • Fertility - both primary (no children) and secondary (already have one or more children)
    • Male and female reproductive health
    • Pre-conception care and advice
    • Premenstrual issues (PMS)
    • Perimenopause
    • Menopause
    • Thyroid and ovarian support eg (Hashimoto's thyroiditis, Goitre's, Endometriosis and PCOS)

      Services provided by consultation with a Herbalist and Natural Fertility Practitioner (all consultations require a pre-booked appointment)

      Support and advice will be different for every patient. All Herbal Medicines are individually dispensed. They are usually recommended in combination with Australian Bush Flower Essences, nutritional supplements and an Iridology assessment. Hair Mineral and Tissue Analysis and Salivary Hormone testing is also available. 

      About Jayne

      My personal journey to natural therapies began when I was working as a registered nurse in 1985. After travelling to India on a holiday, I contracted an illness which saw me spending time in a Russian hospital in Moscow. Upon my return to Australia, I spent 12 months under medical supervision trying to find a cure and repair the side effects of the illness. Unfortunately, I remained unwell.

      It was at this time that a nursing colleague suggested I see a herbalist, and from this point my journey began. Natural therapies opened up a myriad of choices and a whole new way of looking at wellbeing. With the help of several practitioners and modalities, I finally regained my health and increased my knowledge and awareness tenfold.

      Today, after 33 years' of combined experience in both Orthodox and Complementary medicine, Jayne and the Jacaranda Natural Health Centre relocated to Coffs Harbour in 2008. All the babies and children you see pictured on this site were born with the help of the Jacaranda Natural Health Centre and the many benefits it offers. Please don't hesitate to contact Jayne today!

      Jayne Elder

      Herbalist, Natural Fertility Management Practitioner, Iridologist, Trained Nurse.

      Over 33 years' experience in both Orthodox and Complementary medicine.

      ATMS Accredited No. 1515

      ASBRM Accredited No. 717

      If you are experiencing Fertility issues or a Hormone Imbalance call
      02 6652 1010 and speak to Jayne today.


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